US Online Gambling Regulation

North Dakota

It would seem that online gambling when it pertains to the lottery is not only legal, but fruitful as well. North Dakota has been running an online gambling lottery for about four years now, and the way they do it is an example that could be followed by other states.

They do not actually spend the money to run an online lottery of their own, but they allow their residents to gambling in online games that are offered from other online casinos that accept us players. Since starting this idea, the state has gotten more than $28 million put into its general fund, and they see no reason to add their own lottery as this one works so well for them.

Instant tickets end up being expensive, so they have less overhead with the online lottery than they would if they had to mass produce the tickets like other places do. The money is pooled among all of the states that participate in it, and when someone wins it doesn’t matter which state they are from – they still win the pot.

They have some very popular online gambling games such as Powerball, which is probably one of the most popular if not the most popular out of all of them. Even those that don’t live in the area of North Dakota have heard of the Powerball lottery.

However, it is simply one more game that they offer. They give a lot of options for their players, as do the other states that are involved in it. They are projecting even better revenue for this year than last as it has gotten even more popular over the years.


It seems that there is a bill in California to see if they should be looking into legalizing online gambling in the state. They would be searching specifically to see if a California-only online poker service would be legal, or if it came under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement act, or UIGEA.

The Committee on Governmental Organization has moved to approve the bill with a vote of 11-0, and now it will move onto the Committee on Appropriations. This then makes AB 2026 one step closer to having online gambling legal in California.

The bill was introduced by Assemblyman Lloyd Levin a couple of months ago, and although it does not make online gambling legal, it would give the opportunity for it to be researched for the state. This would not affect online gambling in other states, but if California chose to legalize online poker, it seems that online gambling throughout the US would be next.

They first have to find if there is a way to make online gambling legal for their state without violating federal laws to do so. With the UIGEA, states have the right to “legalize and regulate intrastate online gambling.” California wants to know if California residents could participate in Californian online gambling.

Levine says that the bill makes it seem that they can have online gambling within the state if their players and the online casinos are also located within the state. He simply wants to know if this is true or not.