“The Walking Dead” Slot Machine From Aristocrat Technologies

Hi and welcome to our instructional video that is designed to make you smarter gambler.

It’S a great show to attend, because visitors can try out all of the newest slot machines before they’re available to the general public plus. There are many celebrity appearances and other fun events in this segment. I speak with Matt Wilson, with the vice president of marketing for aristocrat technology, about their new Walking Dead slot machine which will be introduced into casinos throughout the US in the upcoming months and now here’s Matt Wilson. Now this is one of your newest machines. Here The Walking Dead based on the hit AMC TV series.

Can you give us some background on how this came about yet just on the measure for lax is gon na come at November’s gon na hate to see no flaws in November other the IFC’s go to The Walking Dead is a number one. Was television show on TV right now to the phenomenal thing obvious? This game is a design by the time you might %. Ah sammich is a very successful aristocrat product.

Also on the verge cabinet. I came to us two years ago said there a fan of the show walking dead and the walking there wasn’t a lot celebs hit at that time, and I said I wan na make you go about zombies. We said you’re crazy, but they made out at night.

I was at a very successful game, so we allow them to go ahead and built this product and since that time did the law, since the walk it shows is gone from. Strength to strength is $ 12 million viewers dial in every way to watch the show. So huge fam, bison, really zombies out in a second anymore, they’re, really part of the popular subculture and – and I is on these – are in movies and television shows and now they’re, honest, look at okay. So this is a a penny machine. Kenya show some bonus rounds up this.

The penny machine you plan for 500,000 o-linked. Actually, it’s not so much as you jack, possibly try to allow players to be. I think the time by the guy, but also chai, sell your five hundred thousand or jackpots can really change lives.

I what’s a congressional wheels in this product, we know the. I players love whales, a very engaging it’s a great way to thought about give money. Assamese listless, actually two wheels in this is the Atlanta wheel, which is atlanta, is whether the % ah the show is set, and we also have the CDC where, which is the the artists center for the Disease Control, Wales, I can show you guys the buzzer 275 Credit bet suits if defensive jackpot slots upon a status, ice 35 credits, you all the all the features get sick, get to tell you for the jackpots. Well, so yeah. I an amazing private lot spent time. As you can see the wheel by to see it three wheels will get you into the feature you can see here.

The integration of. What’S about you lifelike, don’t be filled chocolates from the for the television series and use. It is obvious that, at the front of the other, with the wheel here or protecting the whale players to spin the wheel, the spin, the aid effort for jackpots the credit prizes are all the CDC will serve a spin that run out and the maximum bet on This machine, the massive best three dollars in the same and make eligible, but the Gran Chaco the fire of 1000. Yet he got a guy in a CDC. Will now the CDC willie sexy? What we call a vertical wheel, size, not look around, will but note that the the the real several spin vertically now uses a great aggressive others on BC, don’t be afraid.

You’Ll never get her plan is to say this is really an exciting and engaging if the CDC will we get three three pics here and uses has been vertically, but it’s a different direction. Will you can multiply Cir credit crisis so and again, with this product artist faces a very, very frequently coming through all the time, so quiet CA, you play twenty dollar CAD a lot of excitement. What opportunities to win a lot about its pages? So don’t be love! The zombies give this product a try. It’S very entertaining.

It started with the two-time multiplier that I went to a three-time multiply. Yes, it has multiple. This looks at a remote supplies on here.

There’S different acrid apprise the bonuses – that’s good. I second flow of % uh. The real said, provide different wins is just what the different liza 22 went through this.

We also hear i’m looking different credit prizes, and these are all things around yes, 1000. The show this has been the undisputed number once to show our product. On the on the floor, this this bank years replied for the three-day strike. I mean both players and customers are really excited to get this on.

A gaming floats it’s a very different law, since it’s never been done before, and we just how I fit the plaza there to enjoy this product said I get through this been saving up three with respect to the whales, so yeah you’re, looking more bonus prizes. So again, lots of different ways to win sexy quite a lot of volatility in this game. So it’s not just an entire product. There’S actually ways to win this game.

I think is saying that from the top that product it yeah, if you get lucky, you can win big on these machines that they’re not just our triple size. If you lock one last beautiful, show you out the free games feature to get lots of anticipation. Is this another implementation of a wheel so again other another great day, potentially more credit prizes?

So it’s a great bonus round 10 much money and I feel you do as well there when you play this game every time you get a grenade, that’s a good way to get because it unlocks multiple payoffs correctly, a donor, just land on the credit process and When you went to get a good idea to look most lucrative prizes again integration up, what city are the clips from the show itself, some style really true to the show release, release some presents it as always I’ll, just figure another free guys better equipped. So he get really expensive is the whole feature with the reels rx. The middles for reals are expanding. You getting zombies come across a strain, dropping maximum thanks symbols. He is so he going Rick from the show.

Is the number one thanks to police the pic 1? This stick you guys simple, so rise very last chance of winning, so all in all, there’s a lot of a to the ride on a display. The mall applies to go out there and try to experience them for themselves. That, thanks for coming by the person, say the walking dead thanks very much for spending time with us today, Matt Wilson.