The Simpsons Slot Machine from WMS Gaming

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It’S a great show to attend, because visitors can try out all the new slot machines before they are available to the general public plus. There are many celebrity appearances and other fun events in this segment. I speak with Steve Rosen, who is a principal producer at Scientific Games, about their new simpson slot machine which is based on the hit TV show and is expected to be introduced into casinos throughout the USA by mid 2016. I merit Steve Rosen, who was a game producer with scientific games, and we are at the simpson slot machine now, Steve where you are somehow responsible for this game being put together, been involved since inception day, one getting the license and it’s been a labor of love.

But forget their game looks amazing, just said to have it here, and that one thing I think we should tell people is that Scientific Games now has taken over some other companies and has got a lot bigger than it used to be bally’s and history, WMS and And you’re also shuffle master’s, all those are under the one brand name now. Scientific Games correct, but we’re gon na keep brand identities, and this is a WMS product, we’re all under Scientific Games. Bally’S gon na keep, you know their fields and their look and we’re gon na keep are feeling their look and shuffle as well. So we’re all going to have our own brands get some rest as well as another round. Ok, can you give us some background on how this came about, because the Simpsons has been out for a long time and there’s never been a slot machine based on the simpson, so this is really exciting. People seem to be very enthused with this game.

Today, 27 years on, the show there is not a second that goes by in the world that the show is not on television somewhere. So this is something we chase for quite a long time. We believe in its evergreen Ave randa’s, you can find out here on the casino floor at G to A and will be on a casino floor. So yeah we we we chased Fox and and Gracie the production company out there working directly with us. They helped create a lot of this with us. They’Re gon na be heavily involved in development and what we love that and we have all of our design team and our game.

Creators of the brand have a passion for the brand and I believe that that’s ultimately, what’s going to make such a great product. Ok, let’s go and play the game tried out great new cabinet is called the game. Games skate five screens, two sides, one middle, a curved on top and then our town, which is now CD.

Now this is a fork, a monitor, so you know ten million pixels on this is as high resolution. You can get this be the highest resolution in the gaming industry at some. This is a five by five game, with individual reels going to travel throughout Springfield get into certain zones. You know whether it be home or at the power plant at the Quickie Mart mode. Most have no the things that people know and love about the show incorporate all that in the game.

Right now I see the two screens on the side. What will those changes as the every time you go to a different location location on the background? Will change now here we are at most, so we can take a couple of skins here: five by five individual reels depicting a wife, /, ok, so triggered the most feature within the most zone and you’re going to see what he gets when Bart normally calls for A prank call you to come down here pick one of the names so we’re gon na pick see more, but there you go favorite, apparently a multiplier Associated your wins. There was five X. You could win up to $ 100, so we’ve incorporated a lot of the characters voices. The other thing I want to show you here is a brand new technology that will never been seen before in slot machine.

It’S called leap, motion technology and the player will be able to use their hands above the motion sensor to make pics to catch things or interact with the game. Show you the free spin bonus here and I’m gon na have to sit down and so you’re. Looking for $ 4 nuts last one hits here: real bonus, my hand here and I’m actually gon na play as Homer late. So all these sprinkles correlates to a feature within the free spin bonus and now the free books in bonuses gon na play gon na.

Take a bite of the donuts yummy free spins. We get a free spins now each one of these features here is correlated to what you’re gon na get someone to show you a call. When someone acts you at 5 I’ll tell you got three extra blue Spence and 10 linked to wilde’s, so wild that are linked together and those all say for the entire span and we’re gon na get a pretty big win here, wins gon na come up. We got a couple good, have a bunch of different big wins in the game. I got ta tell you that was one of the greatest bonus and I’ve ever seen.

Yeah. That was awesome. Let me ask you one thing. They said this motion, sensors known as at on different kinds of his friends or just the one that you do. You chose now on two different bonuses.

You know there’s a scratching feature which the Abu feature we’re actually gon na scratch ticket, which I can show you as well. The other thing with the motion sensor is: the player does not be used if they don’t want to, they can still utilize the touch screen here. This is a touch screen as well, so it’s just something new different: give the players something different to talk about and something you see now, when someone’s using this motion, sensors known as every skill involved in being able to catch those sprinkles are, as it’s just random, Received in random, that’s correct, yeah, but something different, something the flare hasn’t seen.

So I think it’s something that will sit down the brand new technology and it’s on a great brown. It is great. So I really like this machine allowed one question place: are you gon na have to make the maximum bet in order to be eligible for the progressive correct that is correct all right and when will this be on? The casinos are hoping. This is a cue to 16 products, so middle of next year, 2016, Steve Rosen game producer with Scientific Games.

Thank you very much for showing us the news, simpson slot machine and wait for it to be in a casino, Neriah. Neriah. Don’T forget! You can see more of our educational gaming.