Poker Night in America. What Goes Around Comes Around

From the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, New Jersey, this is Poker Night in America. Welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m your host, Chris Hanson from

Our cash game being held at The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City continues into the night, and we’re reaching the point where endurance becomes as much a part of the game as skill. Let’s check in with our players and see who’s running sprints, and who’s going the mile. We continue our second day of cash here at Golden Nugget in Atlantic City with a couple new players.

Not new to Poker Night in American though are joining us: Travell Thomas and Ken “Teach” Aldridge now taken a spot in our cash game. – (Kenney) Well, coming from Shaun, it’s definitely not a compliment. – (Shak) He didn’t mean it that way, but it was. – (Kenney) Well what was it? – (McLoughlin) I’m not saying. – (Kenney) Oh, come on!

Shaun, if you can say it once, you have to have the (bleep) to say it a second time. – (Deeb) I’m trying to think exactly how I worded it. A lot of people have (bleep) quickly with you. Or something along those lines. – Somebody said something about quick, you said a lot of people are with Ebony. – Yeah, well I mean, it is poker players, right?

These are guys that probably (bleep), so, I just need them to show up, right? Don’t really need to do anything. – (Stout) Let’s hope this hand doesn’t make the broadcast. (laughter) Just fold Steve. (laughter) – I’m taking one for the game, trust me. (laughter) – Oh god Teach.

(crosstalk) – (Stout) This is going to be the most interesting hand of the entire session now. – (Kenney) Wonderful. – There hasn’t been really anything cool that went down yet.

– (Shak) Don’t worry, It’ll just start with the raise and the call. (laughter) – (Kenney) They want no part of that. – (Shak) I promise you. – We could bleep you out, but we’re not putting that one in. – (Hanson) Alright, so a little something for both players, Aldridge with top pair and McLoughlin with the flush draw. – (Deeb) And the hand’s going to be shown.

(laughter) – (Thomas) Yes it is. – (Hanson) A couple of interesting quirks between these two when they’re at the poker table. Steven McLoughlin will always have a scarf, and Teach Aldridge will always be wearing yellow. Easy to pick them out that way. Of course, another statistic between these two is they will usually be winning at the poker table when you see them. – We’re gonna find out if the Teach is doing the schooling or getting schooled.

– (Patterson) Ooh.. – (Aldridge) Fifteen. – (Hanson) Well, Teach is doing the schooling right now. 1500, the bet back to McLoughlin. – (Stout) You can see Dan writing things down at three o’clock in the morning trying to fiture out what lines to use on all the players at the table. – (Shak) I knew Teach was playing. – (Hanson) Well a brick for McLoughlin on the river.

And here’s Teach’s opportunity to win with a weak Ace. – So whatcha got? – Ace. – Turn it over. – (Hanson) And he checks and will win with Ace five. – (Kenney) Wow.

– (Thomas) I did not see that top pair, it’s hard to get top pair. – (Kenney) Hey, hey, hey! – It’s hard to get top pair.

– Well that’s making the broadcast. – (Deeb) Stout, you’re wearing an orange chip to make your set look more diminishing? – (Hanson) This is Matt Stout in seat 1. – (Stout) God, I hate you so much Shaun Deeb. (laughter) – (Hanson) Travell Thomas will play pocket fives. – (Deeb) I’ll give you an orange and a purple, but I don’t think you have enough chips for it.

– You’re such a sweetheart. – (Deeb) Stout’s one of my favorite people. We didn’t even know, we’re very good friends and we lived in the same city for like nine months. And we didn’t get to hang out, found out as I was leaving there. – (Stout) Yep. – (Stout) It was fine, because there was so much for me to do in Jacksonville by myself and my fiance was studying like 23 hours a day.

– We wouldn’t have done anything fun. – (Patterson) Where was it? – (Stout) Jacksonville, Florida. – (Patterson) Oh wow. I like that. – You’re the only person.

– (Patterson) I think it’s a cool city. I was surprised. – You think it’s a cool city? – (Patterson) Yeah I was surprised about how cool it was. I was only there for a little bit.

– I guess I can’t fold to this action. – (Patterson) There’s a lot of water, and I don’t know, it’s just pretty. – There’s a lot of water? – (Thomas) Guys I want the flop to be ace, five, deuce.

Ace, five, deuce. – (Hanson) Well we’ve got quite a bit of action that is developed here. All these players are in for $500.

– (Thomas) Got all three wrong. – That’s pretty terrible. – Yeah, I know. (laughter) – (Hanson) I think all five of these players love that flop. If you’ve got deuces, fives, or sevens, you’re thinking, okay, that’s a pretty good flop.

Ebony Kenney’s got the flush draw, Dan Shak’s got an over pair. But Dan Shak is going to be the first one to bet and try to take the pot down. Ebony not going anywhere.

– I’m all in. – I call. – (Shak) Set? – No.

– (Shak) Okay. – (Kenney) Once or twice. – Twice I guess?

What do you got? – Flush draw. – (Shak) Okay. (laughter) – Let’s see the hands. – (Hanson) Almost $13,000 going to the winner of this pot. They will be running it twice.

Ebony Kenney in a great spot here, actually, statistically, she’s ahead, going to the turn and river. She misses the first turn, and misses the river, and so now Ebony’s going to have to find either a spade, an ace, or a queen on the second run to chop this pot. (laughter) – (Thomas) Jesus, can you really miss twice?

– Yeah. But I won’t. – (Shak) There you go. (laughter) – (Hanson) And she hits the spade on the river to save the pot.

Dan Shak was that close to scooping a $13,000 winner. Coming up next, more action from the felt, and, later on, it’s Poker Night at the movies with Ebony Kenney, Richard Roeper and James Woods. (Keeney) I love it, it’s so over the top. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online. – (Hanson) Welcome back to Poker Night in America, we return to the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City.

Poker Night in America brought to you by 888poker where the world plays online. Back to Golden Nugget, Atlantic City, New Jersey. – Really? That’s what you think?

– (Thomas) That’s what the word on the street is. – (Kenney) The word on the street? Must be some busy conversations. (laughter) – Maybe you don’t stay in your lane enough.

– I guess not. I’m veering. I heard before that “Oh, no no no, she (bleep), you guys stay away from that”. – No they just said stay away from you, it had nothing to do with the guys you were dating.

(laughter) – (Kenney) Yeah, the one’s that are saying that are still waiting in line. – (Thomas) Come on think of something quick. Come on, come on. – No, I don’t want to go further. I have so much to go with.

(laughter) – You gotta have a quicker come back. – This hand’s definitely gonna be aired so I don’t want to. (laughter) – (Kenney) He’s trying to figure out how much I can handle. – As you’re playing a hand, you’re like what is the chance this is gonna get aired, ok this is very likely.

Alright, don’t want to really just like comment it and then cut on the conversation I’m just saying that to her. That seems totally out of context. So like everyone hates me. – (Kenney) Everyone hates you anyway.

– (Hanson) A set of deuces for Deeb. – (Stout) Shaun’s like, oh yeah I’m in a pot. I forgot about that. – (Hanson) Everybody checks, so we’re going to the turn.

Check for Patterson, a bet here from Shaun Deeb would more than likely lose Steven McLoughlin. 950 the bet, and McLoughlin will fold. Now back to Patterson, interesting, still with an over pair of the board, knowing that Shaun Deeb is capable of betting nearly anything, will make the call. – All in.

– (Hanson) And all the money goes in from Shaun Deeb. – Wish I would have check raised the turn. You got it.

– You wanna check raise the turn? We’ll give you a new river card. – Oh wow, not good huh? – (Thomas) Show one.

– (Deeb) No. He knows I had him. – (Hanson) Young Mr. Patterson, we can tell you, you made the correct fold. We continue our 25/50 cash game here in Atlantic City, Golden Nugget.

Travell Thomas calls with sixes. – (Thomas) See if you would of called, we could of called it 300. – (Hanson) McLoughlin has pumped it up to 500. – I wanted to see it for cheap. – (Hanson) Circling back around to Shaun Deeb.

– How much you playing? – (Hanson) I’ve seen Deeb play for stacks with much less than ace king. – All in.

– I call. – (Thomas) Whoa. – (Hanson) And just like that, we’ve got a $21,000 pot. (laughter) – Can we do this twice, I have a really bad hand. – How bad is it?

On a scale of one to ten? – Seven? – (McLoughlin) Can you show it? – It’s 8 high. – Can you show it?

– (Patterson) I love that you have your 8/7 suited. – (Deeb) How good is your hand? – It’s good enough for me to call your all in.

– Can you show me your hand first and I’ll decide if I want to show my hand. – I’ll show you one card. – Okay.

– Then you show me the other card. Let me see the other one. You said 8 high, you’re so full of (bleep). – Let me see your other one.

– Let’s switch. You can turn over mine, I’ll turn over yours. – (Deeb) Okay.

– So brutal. (laughter) – How does he wake up with aces. – (Deeb) How did you not slow roll me? – (McLoughlin) Cause it’s so much fun to not slow roll you.

– Is this twice or once? – We didn’t say. – Once then. (laughter) – (Thomas) Can’t even have an ace of spade for a good sweat. – Man, I’m so proud of myself when you re-raised. – (Hanson) So Steven McLoughlin, the godfather to Shaun Deeb’s only child, takes a $21,000 pot with aces.

– Sweet, sweet Shaun Deeb money. – You just bought in five, just reloaded? – (McLoughlin) Yup! Good timing.

– (Thomas) Great timing. – (Deeb) Adding ten. – It’s ok, some of this is gonna back to your kid, you know that. I’m gonna to have to buy him something nice now. (laughter) – I’m glad you limped cause then it made me limp. Cause I would have raised.

– (Deeb) It’s fun to win the biggest pot of your life, right? (laughter) – (McLoughlin) Biggest pot in my life? Ah, biggest por in my life… – (Hanson) Shaun Deebis going to make it 150. – Is it, it might be. – I would assume so. – Not the biggest winning session.

– No, it’s not over yet. – I mean I don’t normally play 25/50 that’s for sure. – (Deeb) Oh you limped this hand. (laughter) – I didn’t see that limp. How much is that?

(laughter) – I wish I was setting up a good slow roll here but I’m not. – Wow, now he’s really setting up a good slow roll. – (Kenney) It’s the best slow roll ever.

– (Hanson) Shaun Deeb’s got fresh chips. – Well here’s the good news for you. – (Shak) You’re steaming. – (Deeb) Well that definitely is true. I have like 900 extras, I can’t buy int for this ten.

If I call I can just put it all on the table. – (Hanson) I would say there has to be a call coming. – Or else I have to put chips in pocket. – How badly do you want me to gamble?

– (Stout) He’s taken enough from me, put it in. – Ok. (laughter) – Run it once. – (McLoughlin) How big was it? – (Kenney) 1,350.

– (Stout) 1,350. (laughter) – (Deeb) Very confident. I’m going to start stacking it.

– You might as well. (laughter) Ship the money. Send it over here buddy. – I thought we were on the same team?

– You play well. – (Deeb) I wish it was suited. – Why would I buy in for more when I can get you to put 1,350 in with 10/9 off. – (Voiceover) Draft Kings. The official fantasy sports site of Poker Night in America. – I thought you didn’t see the limp too.

– I would never make a 150. – (Stout) I wasn’t sure. – (Deeb) I either go min or 200. It’s just like the perfect seat to not see it. – (Stout) As soon as you grabbed chips I was like, wow this is gonna to be really weird if he min raises after that. And say how stupid do you think I am.

And I’m going to limp, jam ace jack over it the next hand as I’m saying it. – (Hanson) Matt Stout still enjoying the basic courtesy double-up he got from Shaun Deeb before we went to break. – I’m glad I limped both of those hands now but for very different reasons. (laughter) – (Thomas) About to be my first TV losing session right here. – (Kenney) It’s not over yet.

– (Patterson) We got a long time. – You gotta think positive. – I just want to beat him. He owned me with those 6’s. – (Kenney) You want to beat Teach? Are you serious?

– (Stout) Look at his face. How can you want to beat that guy? – (Deeb) Because he’s so happy he won. I would want to beat him. – He’s like the jolliest person in poker. Why would you want to beat him?

– No that’s Ice Man. – (Thomas) You always got to pick one person at the table to go after. – Do you? (laughter) – I always pick one person at the table to hate.

– (Stout) It used to be me right? – Yeah. (laughter) – Then I realized I was sitting here with Matt. – (Stout) And then one day we were talking (bleep) to each other and we were like, you know I think I kinda like that guy. Both of us did it at the same time.

– (Thomas) You really don’t like a person when you don’t know them, but then you meet them and you’re like, alright, you’re cool. (laughter) – It’s like, “God, that guy’s face tilts me”. Two sessions later you’re like, “Yes!

I get to play with this guy again!” Like what happend. – (Thomas) I did say that guy always has all my damn chips in the tournament.

Tilts me. – Oh that’s why you hated me at first. – It tilts me.

– We had someone at Borgata a year and a half ago, on day two sit down, at Volpe’s table, I was sitting with them, but this guy sits down like 45 minutes late, Volpe has all the chips. He just immediately decides to berate him, threatening his life. Like, “I’m going to kill you, do you want to take this outside?” And Paul’s like, what the hell is going on? – (Thomas) It’s funnt when people at the poker table say “Let’s take it outside.”

– The guy was flashing his pocket knife. It was crazy. – (Stout) That’s when they’ve got to kick him out. – They ended up kicking him out.

He was like– – (Stout) Why didn’t you slow roll? Why’d you flip your hand over so quickly? – (Patterson) I didn’t necessarily win yet.

– (Stout) When it was clearly good? He at least thinks about raising better hands. – Can I have the 1200 or…?

( laughter) – (Stout) Tyler I’m very disappointed in you. (laughter) I’m keeping this hundred because you didn’t slow roll. – I’m almost ok with that. I’m disappointed, too. – (Kenney) Ironically enough, Stevie Wonder is my new favorite old artist.

– (McLoughlin) I just saw him live. – Are you serious? – (McLoughlin) In Vegas, incredible. – He is spectacular. My sister just had my nephew nine weeks ago, and now every time I see him, we have a song. It’s a Stevie Wonder song.

(laughter) – I straddled every time and I just for one time wanted to fold a bad hand. – If you’d gothis name right he might have kept straddling. – When you call me Dan I’ll straddle again. (laughter) – But he’s probably top five ever, like best there ever is or ever will be. – (McLoughlin) I actually never thought he would be that good live.

Cause the albums are so good it’s hard to reproduce. – (Kenney) Right. – He lived up to it.

He performed the entire songs in the Key of Life. He was great. – (Kenney) I think with someone like Stevie Wonder, there’s like this element of unbridled passion when they perform. – (Patterson) All in. – (Deeb) Call.

– (Hanson) And here we go. – (Thomas) I had six, seven of spades. Watch me win. – (McLoughlin) Once or twice? – (Hanson) There are many things that Shaun Deeb is good at and one of them is handling swings. Let’s see if he can “swing” back against Patterson here.

He picks up a straight draw, going to the river but cannot hit it, and look at this, Patterson back to back monsters. Off of Shaun Deeb. – (Stout) At least you can beat me, Shaun. Even that’s not true anymore.

– (Thomas) I knew my 6/7 of spades was the nuts. – (Hanson) We’re going to finish there for the night here from Atlantic City, Golden Nugget, and Shuan Deeb, things were going great when we got the night started, now he’s got some more work to do. He’s down $21,000 and you can draw a direct line from Deeb’s stack to that of the winners here tonight: Steven McLoughlin, Dan Shak, and Tyler Patterson.

When we come back on Poker Night in America it’s Poker Night At the Movies. – It’s a beautifully nuanced scene. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online. – For tonight’s movie scene review, we return to the Citizen Kane of poker films, the 1998 drama “Rounders”, starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton. Damon’s character, Mike, was once referred to by Phil Laak as a mystic, matrix level four wizard.

In tonight’s scene he shows off those Jedi powers when he pays a visit to the judge’s game. This is Poker NIght At the Movies. – You’re sure this is wise Abe? It’s your money the kid’s betting with. – That’s plenty wise.

We know what we’re holding and we know what you’re holding. – When you come with a group of friends, and you’re used to just playing with a group of friends, you’re not ever thinking that anybody’s reading you, right? So when you have an outsider coming in that’s just able to read everyone right of the bat, that’s what he did. Literally. he was just like, “Listen.

Everything you’re doing is face up, but you guys are just so involved in what you’re doing right now, you’re just enjoying, and you’re not realizing this is something that, “Hey, if I had half a brain I could pick you out”. (snaps fingers) – (Roeper) He’s seeing these 50, 60, 70-year-old men, they’re having more fun playing poker than what they’re doing for a living, and they’re at the top of their profession, thinking to themselves, “I could probably be a great lawyer” or “I probably could be a great judge”, “I got to follow my passion”, and he can’t help himslef in terms of “I’ve gotta say what everybody’s hand is”, but they have enough discipline to say “I’ve got to get out of here right now”. It’s a beautifully nuanced scene. – Amateurs really only play their own cards.

“Oh, I’ve got aces, I must have the best hand”. And it never dawns on them, “Hello, the board’s very coordinated, that Pro just had 18 outs, and all of a sudden they’re betting in to you. Does that tell you something?

Or they check-raise to you. Maybe they had a hand, you know? I see that all the time in tournaments. People get aces and they live and die by them.

– They get married to them. The live and die by them. – I always like to say that people who have what is perceived to them as big hands trap themselves. And they don’t even realize it. And it’s that kind of a situation like, Hey, guess, what, checked them and gave them the free river, and now you’ve trapped yourself unbeknownst to you. Well let’s review the judges’ scene.

Let’s give it our rating. Ebony, we’ll start with the poker player, what do you think? – I love it, it’s so over the top. I give it a ten out of ten.

It’s a royal, and that’s it. – Okay. Richard? – I’ll give it “hoyal”, actually, because everything goes back to “according to hoyal”– – You just said you gave it a royal? – She’s giving it a royal, I’m giving it a “hoyal”. Cause everything kina goes back to like the, this is the foundation.

So I give it a hoyal. – Alright. James? – Oh, I give it a royal because it accomplishes so much. The writing is just wonderful, the acting is wonderful, I love Matt Damon as an actor, Martin Landau, I mean, it’s just a beautifully directed by– I think John Dahl directed it, yeah, I know he did– and, boy, I hope there’s a “Rounders 2”. (crosstalk) – It’s been around for like ten years.

I want to be in it. If there’s a “Rounders 2” please– – Koppelman, where are you? Get to the table here.

– Poker Night in America: “Rounders 2”. – For more from Poker Night, visit, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, where you can see complete episodes and unedited livestreams. Also, be sure to check out our online store for Poker Night shirts, hats, hoodies, and more. For everyone here at Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson.

Poker Night is brought to you by 888poker, where the world plays online, and by DraftKings. – Very confident. I’m going to start stacking it. – (Stout) You might as well. (laughter) – Ship the money. Send it over here, buddy.

– (Deeb) I thought we were on the same team? – You play well. – I wish it was suited. – (Stout) Why would I buy in for more when I can you to put in 1,350 in wiht 10/9 off. – Sweet, sweet, sweet, Shaun Deeb money.