How To Read A Slot Machine?

The bright light of the casino often fools people into forgetting that there is much they need to consider before their first exciting trip. Because they do not fully comprehend what they are going to find, beginners will find the financial pain their wallet bears to be tremendous. For novice gamblers, the following tips should make gambling a more enjoyable time.

If you want to gamble, that is fantastic, but as a beginner, you really do have to read up on the game you want to play. The more you know about a specific game, the type of bets that are good and the bets that you should stay away from, the better your chances at winning are. Good ways to get this information include your local bookstore, reading up on your game online, and playing slot machines games.

Slot Machine

In addition, beginning gamblers should always apply the basics of bankroll management to their gambling. No other tool is likely to be as important as bankroll management. The goal of bankroll management is to keep the player from becoming penniless; it lets them enter a casino slot machine with a set amount of money that they know they will spend, win, and lose before leaving the casino. Those are some tools that will help your casino experience be a positive one.

Though comparatively new, online gambling is a type of game that is very popular, especially with younger gamblers. Millions of people have ditched casinos all together, now that their favorite games – including craps, blackjack, roulette, and poker – can be played online. Not only are these online sites easier than ever to enjoy, but they are also very secure.

Online gambling does encompass a lot of different games, but the bulk of people who play choose poker as their game of choice. Many poker players love to play poker; unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to get a few people to play together. When you are online you can easily join dozens of different poker games, based on game, region and wager limits. Online, you will be able to find a number of specific poker games; if you have a favorite, it should be available. Poker games at online sites include great features such as chat and message boards.

Online gaming sites will help you free of charge in many instances, if you need help figuring out how to play. These sites have simulation plays that allow you to play – or test – out a system free of charge. There is only one difference between simulation games and real games, and that is the fact that simulation games do not involve the wagering of any money.

Simulation games are actually legal in more localities in the United States than online wagering of money is. For this reason, you need to make sure you check your local laws on online wagering before you engage in any type of online gamble. For those who enjoy being able to gamble but don’t like the crowded atmosphere of a traditional casino, online gambling is a great alternative, as it allows you to play your games within the comfort of your own home.

“The Walking Dead” Slot Machine From Aristocrat Technologies

Hi and welcome to our instructional video that is designed to make you smarter gambler.

It’S a great show to attend, because visitors can try out all of the newest slot machines before they’re available to the general public plus. There are many celebrity appearances and other fun events in this segment. I speak with Matt Wilson, with the vice president of marketing for aristocrat technology, about their new Walking Dead slot machine which will be introduced into casinos throughout the US in the upcoming months and now here’s Matt Wilson. Now this is one of your newest machines. Here The Walking Dead based on the hit AMC TV series.

Can you give us some background on how this came about yet just on the measure for lax is gon na come at November’s gon na hate to see no flaws in November other the IFC’s go to The Walking Dead is a number one. Was television show on TV right now to the phenomenal thing obvious? This game is a design by the time you might %. Ah sammich is a very successful aristocrat product.

Also on the verge cabinet. I came to us two years ago said there a fan of the show walking dead and the walking there wasn’t a lot celebs hit at that time, and I said I wan na make you go about zombies. We said you’re crazy, but they made out at night.

I was at a very successful game, so we allow them to go ahead and built this product and since that time did the law, since the walk it shows is gone from. Strength to strength is $ 12 million viewers dial in every way to watch the show. So huge fam, bison, really zombies out in a second anymore, they’re, really part of the popular subculture and – and I is on these – are in movies and television shows and now they’re, honest, look at okay. So this is a a penny machine. Kenya show some bonus rounds up this.

The penny machine you plan for 500,000 o-linked. Actually, it’s not so much as you jack, possibly try to allow players to be. I think the time by the guy, but also chai, sell your five hundred thousand or jackpots can really change lives.

I what’s a congressional wheels in this product, we know the. I players love whales, a very engaging it’s a great way to thought about give money. Assamese listless, actually two wheels in this is the Atlanta wheel, which is atlanta, is whether the % ah the show is set, and we also have the CDC where, which is the the artists center for the Disease Control, Wales, I can show you guys the buzzer 275 Credit bet suits if defensive jackpot slots upon a status, ice 35 credits, you all the all the features get sick, get to tell you for the jackpots. Well, so yeah. I an amazing private lot spent time. As you can see the wheel by to see it three wheels will get you into the feature you can see here.

The integration of. What’S about you lifelike, don’t be filled chocolates from the for the television series and use. It is obvious that, at the front of the other, with the wheel here or protecting the whale players to spin the wheel, the spin, the aid effort for jackpots the credit prizes are all the CDC will serve a spin that run out and the maximum bet on This machine, the massive best three dollars in the same and make eligible, but the Gran Chaco the fire of 1000. Yet he got a guy in a CDC. Will now the CDC willie sexy? What we call a vertical wheel, size, not look around, will but note that the the the real several spin vertically now uses a great aggressive others on BC, don’t be afraid.

You’Ll never get her plan is to say this is really an exciting and engaging if the CDC will we get three three pics here and uses has been vertically, but it’s a different direction. Will you can multiply Cir credit crisis so and again, with this product artist faces a very, very frequently coming through all the time, so quiet CA, you play twenty dollar CAD a lot of excitement. What opportunities to win a lot about its pages? So don’t be love! The zombies give this product a try. It’S very entertaining.

It started with the two-time multiplier that I went to a three-time multiply. Yes, it has multiple. This looks at a remote supplies on here.

There’S different acrid apprise the bonuses – that’s good. I second flow of % uh. The real said, provide different wins is just what the different liza 22 went through this.

We also hear i’m looking different credit prizes, and these are all things around yes, 1000. The show this has been the undisputed number once to show our product. On the on the floor, this this bank years replied for the three-day strike. I mean both players and customers are really excited to get this on.

A gaming floats it’s a very different law, since it’s never been done before, and we just how I fit the plaza there to enjoy this product said I get through this been saving up three with respect to the whales, so yeah you’re, looking more bonus prizes. So again, lots of different ways to win sexy quite a lot of volatility in this game. So it’s not just an entire product. There’S actually ways to win this game.

I think is saying that from the top that product it yeah, if you get lucky, you can win big on these machines that they’re not just our triple size. If you lock one last beautiful, show you out the free games feature to get lots of anticipation. Is this another implementation of a wheel so again other another great day, potentially more credit prizes?

So it’s a great bonus round 10 much money and I feel you do as well there when you play this game every time you get a grenade, that’s a good way to get because it unlocks multiple payoffs correctly, a donor, just land on the credit process and When you went to get a good idea to look most lucrative prizes again integration up, what city are the clips from the show itself, some style really true to the show release, release some presents it as always I’ll, just figure another free guys better equipped. So he get really expensive is the whole feature with the reels rx. The middles for reals are expanding. You getting zombies come across a strain, dropping maximum thanks symbols. He is so he going Rick from the show.

Is the number one thanks to police the pic 1? This stick you guys simple, so rise very last chance of winning, so all in all, there’s a lot of a to the ride on a display. The mall applies to go out there and try to experience them for themselves. That, thanks for coming by the person, say the walking dead thanks very much for spending time with us today, Matt Wilson.

General Tips on Online Poker System

If a player was to sit at the poker table and continually scribble notes a feeling of mistrust would develop, but this is one of an online poker system’s advantages as it is possible to do in online poker. For future reference, recording the outcomes of online poker can be helpful. Averages for everything can be produced and determined and this information can then be used to determine the best possible course of action, since poker is a game of statistics and probabilities.

Online Poker

Make sure you note down everything that is involved in your online poker system in order to draw up the most precise/accurate averages. All funds, bets, wins and losses need to be documented. Length of time played for, as well as the respective skill level of the tables you play at is other relevant information that you can include. You will then be able to recognize what you can do to win and avoid doing those things that make you lose.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a skilled player or just a beginner, you will benefit from playing at lower stake tables. A beginner will be able to play against people of their own skill level and the professionals will have an easy win. If you make a few easy wins in the small stakes then jump up the high rollers table you will find yourself out of your depth both mentally and financially and an online poker system should be consistent.

To put it bluntly, stick to what you’re good at and what you know. This will ensure long term success, while high stake tables have higher winnings to be earned, the risks are much higher than the lower stakes and so the need to be really competitive and shrewd becomes especially significant. Pay attention to what your opponents are doing at all times. One drawback is that you can’t see your opponent and its therefore impossible to assess how well they are doing from facial expressions and body language, but if you monitor their tactics you can gain an insight into their game plan. The amount of time they take to decide how to play in terms of folding, raising and the amount they bet are what you may choose to look at. Before making a final decision either way, an experienced player is likely to attempt to scope out the competition by betting smallish amounts which they then progressively increase. If a player takes an especially long time to make a decision then they are probably a rookie.

The Simpsons Slot Machine from WMS Gaming

Hi and welcome to our lucky nugget review that is designed to make you a smarter gambler.

It’S a great show to attend, because visitors can try out all the new slot machines before they are available to the general public plus. There are many celebrity appearances and other fun events in this segment. I speak with Steve Rosen, who is a principal producer at Scientific Games, about their new simpson slot machine which is based on the hit TV show and is expected to be introduced into casinos throughout the USA by mid 2016. I merit Steve Rosen, who was a game producer with scientific games, and we are at the simpson slot machine now, Steve where you are somehow responsible for this game being put together, been involved since inception day, one getting the license and it’s been a labor of love.

But forget their game looks amazing, just said to have it here, and that one thing I think we should tell people is that Scientific Games now has taken over some other companies and has got a lot bigger than it used to be bally’s and history, WMS and And you’re also shuffle master’s, all those are under the one brand name now. Scientific Games correct, but we’re gon na keep brand identities, and this is a WMS product, we’re all under Scientific Games. Bally’S gon na keep, you know their fields and their look and we’re gon na keep are feeling their look and shuffle as well. So we’re all going to have our own brands get some rest as well as another round. Ok, can you give us some background on how this came about, because the Simpsons has been out for a long time and there’s never been a slot machine based on the simpson, so this is really exciting. People seem to be very enthused with this game.

Today, 27 years on, the show there is not a second that goes by in the world that the show is not on television somewhere. So this is something we chase for quite a long time. We believe in its evergreen Ave randa’s, you can find out here on the casino floor at G to A and will be on a casino floor. So yeah we we we chased Fox and and Gracie the production company out there working directly with us. They helped create a lot of this with us. They’Re gon na be heavily involved in development and what we love that and we have all of our design team and our game.

Creators of the brand have a passion for the brand and I believe that that’s ultimately, what’s going to make such a great product. Ok, let’s go and play the game tried out great new cabinet is called the game. Games skate five screens, two sides, one middle, a curved on top and then our town, which is now CD.

Now this is a fork, a monitor, so you know ten million pixels on this is as high resolution. You can get this be the highest resolution in the gaming industry at some. This is a five by five game, with individual reels going to travel throughout Springfield get into certain zones. You know whether it be home or at the power plant at the Quickie Mart mode. Most have no the things that people know and love about the show incorporate all that in the game.

Right now I see the two screens on the side. What will those changes as the every time you go to a different location location on the background? Will change now here we are at most, so we can take a couple of skins here: five by five individual reels depicting a wife, /, ok, so triggered the most feature within the most zone and you’re going to see what he gets when Bart normally calls for A prank call you to come down here pick one of the names so we’re gon na pick see more, but there you go favorite, apparently a multiplier Associated your wins. There was five X. You could win up to $ 100, so we’ve incorporated a lot of the characters voices. The other thing I want to show you here is a brand new technology that will never been seen before in slot machine.

It’S called leap, motion technology and the player will be able to use their hands above the motion sensor to make pics to catch things or interact with the game. Show you the free spin bonus here and I’m gon na have to sit down and so you’re. Looking for $ 4 nuts last one hits here: real bonus, my hand here and I’m actually gon na play as Homer late. So all these sprinkles correlates to a feature within the free spin bonus and now the free books in bonuses gon na play gon na.

Take a bite of the donuts yummy free spins. We get a free spins now each one of these features here is correlated to what you’re gon na get someone to show you a call. When someone acts you at 5 I’ll tell you got three extra blue Spence and 10 linked to wilde’s, so wild that are linked together and those all say for the entire span and we’re gon na get a pretty big win here, wins gon na come up. We got a couple good, have a bunch of different big wins in the game. I got ta tell you that was one of the greatest bonus and I’ve ever seen.

Yeah. That was awesome. Let me ask you one thing. They said this motion, sensors known as at on different kinds of his friends or just the one that you do. You chose now on two different bonuses.

You know there’s a scratching feature which the Abu feature we’re actually gon na scratch ticket, which I can show you as well. The other thing with the motion sensor is: the player does not be used if they don’t want to, they can still utilize the touch screen here. This is a touch screen as well, so it’s just something new different: give the players something different to talk about and something you see now, when someone’s using this motion, sensors known as every skill involved in being able to catch those sprinkles are, as it’s just random, Received in random, that’s correct, yeah, but something different, something the flare hasn’t seen.

So I think it’s something that will sit down the brand new technology and it’s on a great brown. It is great. So I really like this machine allowed one question place: are you gon na have to make the maximum bet in order to be eligible for the progressive correct that is correct all right and when will this be on? The casinos are hoping. This is a cue to 16 products, so middle of next year, 2016, Steve Rosen game producer with Scientific Games.

Thank you very much for showing us the news, simpson slot machine and wait for it to be in a casino, Neriah. Neriah. Don’T forget! You can see more of our educational gaming.

Learn How to Play Poker?

If a player was sitting at a poker table and continually taking notes, the other players would become suspicious. Why go to such lengths, of recording all of the outcomes of the online poker? Well, poker is a game of statistics and probabilities, which means that averages for everything can be created and determined and this information can then be used to determine the best possible course of action.

You should note down everything that is involved in your online poker system so the most precise averages can be produced. Your bankroll, every wager you make and the full amount of any loss/win should be included. Other pertinent information such as the skill of the players and the time spent playing could be added. This will help you pin down exactly what is helping you win and what is making you lose, which then means you can then eliminate the decisions which compromise your game plan and concentrate on those that will help you win.

You will do better if you play at lower stake tables whether you are a professional poker player or new to the game. The reason for this is – if you are more skilled you will be able to have easy winnings and if you are a novice you will be able to play against people of your own skill level. If you make a few easy wins in the small stakes then jump up the high rollers table you will find yourself out of your depth both mentally and financially and an online poker system should be consistent.

To put it in blunt terms, stick to what you know, and what you are good at. Long term success can be achieved by playing at the lower stake tables because you do not have to take as many risks and the competition is not as high as it is at the high stake tables. You need to be watchful of the other players in online poker. One drawback is that it is impossible to see your opponents expression but you can gain some understanding of their tactics if you watch them closely. You could look at how long it takes for them to actually make a decision to how they actually play in terms of folding, raising and the amount they bet. The skilled player will try to figure out their opponents plans while betting small amounts of money which they will then gradually increase. If a player takes an especially long time to make a decision then they are probably a rookie.

Top 5 Poker Rivals

Every game or sport has intense rivalries. You’re so bad. You don’t even understand it. I’m so happy to be so bad. And poker is no exception.

You’re the greatest, buddy. Hold on, let me get your signature. It’s when a conflict develops over time, when the competition becomes personal, and when adversaries become fierce foes. Why does she, like, goes after me every time?

I have no idea why. Here are five of the most notorious rivalries. I thought maybe we’d just get a little shippy shippy right at the end.

[BELL RINGING] Number 5 is less mano a mano and more man against machine. That man is an impatient Tony G. I want to call the clock. I want to call the clock.

Come on, on internet, you play, like, in one second. When you come here now, you come to my game, and you’re wasting my time. And the machine is the computer-like brain of internet pro Andrew Robl. Action on Negreanu. Bets $18,500.

Three 10s is a tough bluff to pull off, so Daniel is most likely trying to rep a big Ace or maybe a straight. His bet is designed to bluff Robl off a King maybe. I don’t think Daniel thinks he could get Robl to fold a big Ace though. I was so crushed after that final, I could cry. I’m going to walk out.

If these guys are going to come here, waste my time, I’m going to walk out of the game. It’s a joke. [BLEEP] hell, he’s thinking 20 minutes every [BLEEP] hand he’s playing. [BLEEP] nit. [BLEEP] Here comes floor man Tom Kean. All right, Andrew, we’re going to go through the same thing.

You play online, it’s like quick, two seconds, bang, bang, they’re pressing buttons. They come here, they freeze up. Daniel’s done a good job of making this look like a value bet.

So Andrew has a legit decision to make. He seems to be doing a good job of tuning Tony out. He folds. What? After all that, he finally threw it away.

I mean, I had a six, but– Daniel shows the bluff. You qualified. I was so happy you called the clock, Tony. High-five for the assist there just in case. I don’t think he had anything, and he had to move in himself. While in recent years, Daniel has had a rivalry of his own with Eric Seidel.

Yes, it’s one and two on the all-time money list. They were far from friends, but frequently shared a table in Super High Rollers. And Daniel seemed to always get the better of his rival. Eric and I are very different people. He’s very quiet.

I’m not. There’s not much in terms of camaraderie or words said between us. And let’s not forget this two-outer from the EPT 8 grand final.

Blinds are up to 10,000 and 20,000 with a 3,000 ante. Pocket 10s for Daniel Negreanu. Wow, what’s that, a 4x raise?

More than. 84? Really? Holy misclicks.

The small-baller accidentally decided to play with a bigger ball. Gulp. Eric Seidel, with pocket kings, will three-bet to 210,000. Got to wonder if Daniel might think Eric’s three-betting because Daniel had that little freak-out. I’m all in.

Whoops. Aye-ya. | call. Seidel obviously calls. The misclick got me.

Sick. Sick. That’s kind of sick you misclicked with 10s too. I know, right? Then I had to like– then it forced me to get a little crazier. Yeah, because– Really surprised to see the shove there.

Daniel almost always just calls in spots like that. Yeah, but you’re going to hit a 10. That’d be good. Seidel is the player at risk, but Negreanu is a huge underdog here.

Even bigger dog now. Really bad flop for Daniel. Can’t even hit any running cards to save himself. He’s still got the same two outs he started with, just three less chances to hit one. Now just one chance, just 5%. Sometimes that shove will make Daniel look like a genius.

This time, not so much. Seidel set for the double-up. A 10 on the river!

You were right. Thanks, Tobias. I run good. I got incredible– Gross. All right, good luck, everyone. Eric Seidel sent to the rail in horrific fashion.

I thought you were right too, but then it started to look scary. Daniel busted him in the PCA Super High Roller also– brutal. That was fun.

From understated animosity to a more tumultuous tangling– the skirmish at number 3 occurred at the 2015 PCA when Maurice Hawkins felt slighted by Shyam Srinivasan, and things escalated quickly. Shyam adds $63,000 to his stack and seems happy about it. Antes. Have you ever seen a man get that much value out of second pair with no kicker? Is this where you, like, do a backdoor comment because you want to be the coolest guy at the table? Nah.

You already snicker after every damn hand I play. I don’t say anything, because I would care less, but– Don’t take anything personally. That’s personal, when you win a pot and you say, you ever seen somebody get value out of the second pair and [INAUDIBLE].

You’re the greatest, buddy. Hold on, let me get your signature. All right gentlemen, let’s go ahead and play ourselves some poker.

I concur. Yeah, that’s what we need to do. And stop commentating like you– hey, they got a mic back there somewhere. I’ve got one. Give him the mic, Richard.

He can commentate hisself. He’s the greatest. How about you just make your money and keep your mouth shut? Let’s not drag Richard into this.

Get your ego involved. Why don’t you get that? Because you already got a big ego.

This is great. Queen-Jack against King-Jack. Maurice has raised. I hope they’re not done. Ego in poker, he go broke. I can say whatever I want.

Trust me, I play poker every day. Ego in poker, he go broke. There’s a three-bet from Shyam.

And you really don’t need to three-bet a hand that plays this well post-flop. Definitely some chatterbox play at work here. How much more is it? Does it matter? You’re calling.

Let’s find out how much value you’re going to get out of your hand now, buddy. Oh, dear. Smart-ass comment. Check, buddy. Go ahead, manipulate the situation. Top pair for Maurice.

This is just– this is yes. I check. I did the check thing.

Unfortunately for Shyam, a c-bet here is what he’s supposed to do. He does continue for $31,000. All in. Wow. Can I get a count, please?

All in. Ego in poker, he go broke. Actually, not a bad shove. Better learn how to play poker without ego, buddy.

Your ass will go broke eventually. Win, lose, or draw– be a man. Play a man’s game. He doesn’t speak for all of us, ladies. I hope I win. And I promise you, I’m going to be a man.

I won’t say nothing. I’ll just drag the pot like a champ, because I’m a born champ. Shyam folds.

Shyam folds. Ego in poker, he go broke. We get it.

See how much value I got out of 10 high? Well, some players prefer to let their chips do the talking, all their chips. [BELL WRINGING] At number 2, we find Vanessa Selbst and Dan Shak, both renowned for taking unconventional lines, neither averse to taking risks. They can often be found playing big buy-in events, and always seem to butt heads. There’s been a lot of drama. I don’t know, we just have a history of playing really big pots against each other.

A couple of times recently, he’s made some really big shoves. I’m all in. I know that I just had a good hand and called him. Call.

But obviously, it was a cooler situation for her. Is that real? And I feel bad, because you know, I consider her, you know, if not the best in the game, one of the best in the game right now. I hope you get them Thank you, Vanessa. I appreciate it.

He’s had my number in a number of– a couple major final tables. The Super High Roller, back at the PCA, I was second in chips. She was first. I honestly had a bad read, thought I had the best hand. All in.

And Shak shoves! OMG, ICM suicide. The announcers said it was ICM suicide on my part, because it was on the bubble. He’s not representing that many hands. I have a really strong hand.

It just boils down to one of those situations where I’m just going to call every time. I call. Vanessa calls! And Dan Shak is at risk of bubbling the Super High Roller. She made an amazing call. But I knew, in any case, I had a lot of outs.

And you know, I’m not afraid to take a risk. It’s a 10! That was not supposed to happen.

Given how absurd it was given the situation with all those tiny stacks, we shouldn’t have been playing that big a pot at that stage of the tournament. I just lost, like, 2 million chips. I lost 2 million chips. You know, obviously, I won the last two big confrontation hands with her. But over the years, she probably has gotten the best of me way more than I’ve gotten the best of her.

And now Vanessa Selbst can celebrate. Congratulations. These just have been a couple of high profile hands in key situations. [CHEERING] [BELL RINGING] Now, is anyone shocked that Tony G appears twice on this list? You know it.

He’s had his fair share of verbal brawls at the tables– You come to my game, and you’re wasting my time. –none more impassioned than his squabble with a multi-bracelet winning man-child. I love you. You’re the best, Phil. You guys are the best. I’ll have to clean you out every time I play with you.

I love it. Oh, I’m going to butcher you so badly. I hope you’ve got lots of rebuys. You’re the worst player at the table.

You don’t even know it. I love to be the worst player. It’s the rivalry so entertaining, the Big Game built an entire episode around it.

At number 1, Tony G versus Phil Hellmuth Jr. All right, I open for the pot. Pot. And you looked, right?

Well, I think I looked. 66. Allegedly, I looked. Tony. I’m all in. Pot limit, brah.

Without looking? Without looking. Pretty sure he looked. Well, you can’t be all in. 66. Tony reports it with Ace-King.

All right. All right. You slowed down.

You slowed down a bit. Are you going to save the rest? Not if he believes you haven’t looked.

Wow, all that talking makes me think he’s strong. I was for sure going to call before that. 15 on top, Tony.

He’s saying he hasn’t looked though. He most certainly looked. Did no one see him? Did you look at your cards at all? I mean, it’s– Look, the people at home know I haven’t looked. Well, if you haven’t looked, I guess I’ll just move in.

All right. Phil ships, and Tony calls. All right, you’re close. You’re up there.

Oh, you lied. Of course I lied. It’s poker, Phil. What do you think this is? Wow.

What do you think, I’m blind? How many times do you want to run it? Well, I asked you if you had looked or not. You want to run it how many times? I’ll let you choose, Tony.

Three times. I mean, I always lose, so– you kind of deserve to lose the first one. I do deserve. I hope you win one. Why would you lie?

I mean, that’s considered totally not– uncool, man. I mean, it’s not right. I feel it’s just a game. That’s etiquette though.

I mean, you never– you don’t say you were blind when you were blind. Phil, what happens on this table in play is just a game. We tell whatever we want.

When do you tell the truth? So all the rules of poker are just thrown out the window for you? Well, call the floorman if you think I– my hand might be dead then. You don’t say you haven’t looked at your cards when you’ve looked at your cards. You don’t do that.

OK, well then I’m wrong. It’s like a rule of poker. It’s like– it’s– Well, why did you call? –horrible etiquette. Because I thought you hadn’t looked at your cards.

Well, I mean, come on, Phil. Well, if you want $25,000 this bad, you can have it. You have to pay attention to the game.

How many times are we dealing? Phil, if you’re a professional player, you would pay attention to me looking at my hand. Karmically, he deserves to lose all three. What a villain. I drink your milkshake. So they’re going to run it three times with the winner of each run taking a third of the pot.

Flop– King, 9, trey. Tony pairs his King, Phil drawing nearly dead. How happy are you now, that it’s not running once? Turn’s a Jack. That’s bad for me. I need that Jack on the next round.

That’s really bad for me. Well, unless you get one now. Yeah, unless I get one now. Which means you won’t get any more, win any more. Terrible card for Phil, one less Jack he can hit on the next run.

Give him the Jack. River– Ace of diamonds. That’s kind of fair. Let’s even out the deck a bit.

You know, Phil, I– like, for me, I just went to undersell my hand. I don’t know if the way– I do it any way I can, because it’s a heads up pot. That’s me. I’m sorry if that’s mean. You just admitted it was bad etiquette.

You want to retract? I’m sorry if I bullied you. I’m sorry. I don’t want to bully you. I’m sorry.

I feel bad. Tony, look, no problem. Nice hand, man.

I mean, you know, you showed your true colors, which is bad for you here. Here comes flop number two. 7, 5, 10– no help to Phil. You really– I don’t think you’re the kind of guy that wants to show your true colors all the time. Well, it’s just your true colors can’t escape you. You are who you are, Phil.

I’m sorry, that’s the way I am. Turn number two– Ace of clubs. Phil’s not even holding a club, so no flush draw can save him. He’s looking for one of the two remaining Jacks.

River– another 5. And Tony G takes the second run. Don’t rush.

Don’t rush. We might keep you in. Flop number three– Queen, Queen King. And Phil picks up some outs. I have a good feeling about this one, but the math is just so strong against. How can I get there?

No, you’ll get there. How can I get there? You will. You will.

It’s just too nasty. Everyone wants you to get there. Turn– 7. No help to Phil. OK, the last 10– three 10s. You can take insurance too.

Yet another needle from Tony. Our final river– Phil’s going to need a 10. It’s a Jack.

Whoa, he got there. That’s not cool. No, he didn’t. No, sorry. I was just joking, Phil.

Did you believe me again? No, I didn’t believe you. Is that bad etiquette too? So Tony, so look, you’re loaning me $50,000, right? Yeah. OK, look, I don’t accept it.

OK, no problem. But good game, man. All right, I’m sorry, Phil, I really am. I’m sorry. I think you should retire.

I think it’s over. I think you’re not there anymore, Phil. And one of those two is now an elected representative of the people. Get the hell out of here. Well, I hope you enjoyed our countdown of ripping rivalries.

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